The ONE™

A modular pistol system built around customer freedom.

What is the ONE™?

The ZRODelta Modulus® pistol is now the ZRODelta ONE™, a patent-pending, cross-platform modular firearm system. The ONE™ will be available as a modular frame kit or as a pistol. The foundation of the ONE™ is the Universal Fire Control, or UFC®, which is the firearm and serialized component of the system. The ONE™ UFC® can be detached from the pistol without tools, and married to various non-firearm Platform Conversion Units (PCUs) that expand functionality.

The AR15 meets the most modular handgun.

Available Front & Back Straps

Front and Back Straps are the ergonomic control center of the ONE™. Designed, engineered, and manufactured to fit the widest variety of hand sizes and physiologies, this is where the ONE™ truly becomes personalized to you. Front Straps integrate into a precision forward dovetail machined into the front of the handle. Back Straps, while truly a work of manufacturing art and key to the structural integrity of the handgun frame, slide into the rear of the modular exoskeleton frame and clip into the rear of the handle.

Front Straps The ONE™ comes standard with both the smooth and finger grooved front straps.

Back Straps The ONE™ comes standard with both the low and high cut back straps.

Available Dust Covers

Dust Covers not only allow the user to change the physical size of the firearm from Compact to Duty to Extended, but also allow the user to swap out handgun accessories like lights and lasers with ease and without losing zero due to our patented design. Should shooters desire to build out The ONE™ configurations with non-ZRODelta slides and barrels, the only part required is the appropriate ZRODelta Dust Cover.

Compact The Compact Dust Cover has 3 Picatinny rail sections.

Duty The Dusty Dust Cover has 4 Picatinny rail sections.

Extended The Extended Dust Cover has 6 Picatinny rail sections.

Color Options All Dust Covers come in your choice of Black, FDE, and Stone Grey

Available Magwells

3 independent Magazine Wells offer the shooter the ability to balance ergonomics, performance, and firearm specifications. Not only does each Magazine Well allow the shooter to change the magazine capacity of the firearm, each Magazine Well has its own feature set that is purpose-driven and sure to impress.

Compact At only 0.63” tall and 2.37” long, the Compact magwell maintains a 0.09” micro-flared base and offers the The ONE™ a 15 round magazine capacity while fitting the widest variety of hand sizes.

Duty With straight sides that develop into a 0.17” flare, the Duty magwell is 1.28” tall, 2.37” long, and offers The ONE™ a 17 round magazine capacity.

Race Purpose built for competition, the Extended magwell expands significantly to 1.72” in height, 3.0” in length, and features a 0.35” flare to make magazine changes effortless. The Race magwell is compatible with 17+ round magazines.

Available Mounting Plates

The ONE™ is optics ready out of the box! Our recessed slide cut out paired with our DRS nut adaptors allows the U.S. Optics DRS 2.0 and 2.0 Enhanced to sit perfectly flush with your factory sights.

Additional Optic Plates
Flat Plate If you prefer to run your pistol without an optic, ZRODelta offers a flat plate that fits seamlessly on your slide cut out.

RMR Plate Mounting Plate for the RMR are coming soon!

Available Slide Assemblies

ZRODelta slide assemblies are domestically manufactured and are specially treated to put up with the added rigors of mating with a metal frame. Sleek, distinguished, and reliable beyond a shadow of a doubt, our slide assemblies come complete with barrels, sights, and fire control parts so all you have to do is rack and go.

Compact Ideal for everyday carry, our compact slide assemblies feature a 4.01” barrel and have an overall length of 6.85”

Duty Perfect for on-duty applications, our service-length slides feature a 4.58” barrel and have an overall length of 7.32”

Race The right choice for competition or extended-range/specialty applications, extended slide assemblies feature a 5.31” barrel and have an overall length of 8.15”


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