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ZRODelta specializes in high-precision and high-volume manufacturing, and we stand ready to tackle your toughest, most demanding projects where others have failed you in the past. Our manufacturing approach is simple: if a part features complex geometry such that few can make it properly, is a critical component for the ultimate performance of an assembly, or is a high-risk liability element, we want to make it. We have state of the art equipment with robotics suites throughout our operations to eliminate human error, and our manufacturing philosophies are driven by individuals with capabilities, experiences, character, and perspectives unparalleled in the small arms field.

We are a multi-disciplinary machine shop and run a highly flexible operation. We are programmer-focused, and have 3, 4 and 5 axis vertical machining, horizontal machining, turning, 2 and 3 turret turn-milling, deep-hole drilling, rifling, broaching, wire-EDM, heat treatment, plating, indoor and outdoor ranges, and environmental testing capabilities all vertically integrated in our North Carolina facility. All of these combine to make ZRODelta the right manufacturing partner to meet your toughest, most complex demands.

An in-depth look at some our off-the-shelf critical component manufacturing is provided below. If you desire to white-label our off-the-shelf components, or desire to variance our handgun or rifle receivers, please reach out to us via the general contact form at the bottom of this page. For custom quotation applications, please download and sign our mutual non-disclosure agreement, and then upload the completed agreement with your prints and CAD files through our secure upload tool immediately below.


Our bolts are manufactured from C158 or 9310 material and are manufactured in a single operation, ensuring proper machine indication and reducing the opportunity for dimensional error. They are heat treated, shot peened, and then ground in-house to a final specification of +/-0.0005”. Our carriers are precision machined in one operation, heat treated, and ground to a final specification of +/-0.0005”. Our standard bolts and carriers are offered to military specification dimensions and processes, but can be modified to customer specifications to achieve higher performance standards. Specifications for our modified carrier are below.


  1. 8620 or 416R Bolt Carrier with increased cam pin slot length for reduced unlocking pressures
  2. Custom profile with debris cuts, custom firing pin retaining slot aids in performance and manufacturability
  3. Stability band increases recoil alignment and reduces carrier bounce
  4. Precision ported gas holes, with modified directionality
  5. 9310 or C158 Bolt, MPI and/or HPT and certified in-house to military specification
  6. 4140 Gas Key, properly torqued and staked grade 8 screws
  7. Billet or MIM extractor, per customer specifications
  8. Plating: Chrome & Phos, Nitride, Nickel Boron, Tribological


Our lower parts kits start with investment castings that are machined to exacting military standards. With indexable cam plates built into our tooling, we have the ability to cast your company’s logo into our parts, making for a customized OEM solution tailored for you and your customers without any tie back to ZRODelta. ZRODelta can also polish your triggers and hammers for a “match” offering. Support parts for our LPKs are machined from barstock, and like our investment castings, are offered with multiple different plating options.


  1. Investment Cast Trigger, Hammer, Selector, and Bolt Catch
  2. Military Specifications for Dimensions and Process
  3. Available finishes:
    • Black Oxide
    • Phosphate
    • Nitride
    • Nickel Boron
    • Tribological


We manufacture a wide range of rifle barrels from scratch, featuring either button or cold-hammer forged rifling. ZRODelta is capable of producing most popular calibers and lengths up to 60”, and has the ability to heat treat & normalize in-house for ultra-accurate applications. Our customers’ demands vary widely, and we can manufacture volume and value-oriented barrels for bulk assembly or triple lapped, custom competition barrels that will hold .25MOA equally well. Whether the application is for semi-automatic or bolt-gun applications, ZRODelta is the right manufacturing partner for rifle barrels.


  1. Materials: 4140, 4150, 416R
  2. Rifling: Button or Cold Hammer Forged
  3. Lengths: 4”-60”
  4. Diameters: <=2.0”
  5. Standard Calibers: 5.56, 223 Wylde, 300BLK, 6.8SPC, 224 VLKY, 308WIN, 6.5CM, 9x19
  6. Twists: All
  7. Barrel Plating: Phosphate, Nitride, Tribological
  8. Extension Plating: Phosphate, Nitride, Nickel-Boron, Tribological


Some of the biggest names in optics rely on ZRODelta for their OEM mounting solutions. Whether you’re launching a new line of optics and need a custom mount, or desire a personalized line of mounts for an entire brand to move forward into the future with a coherent, connected design from SKU to SKU, ZRODelta is the partner for you. We can build static mounts, or you can utilize our patent-pending FRZ™ quick-detach technology with a look that’s unique to your company.


  1. 6061 billet or extruded aluminum construction
  2. Unique design provides optimized performance on the widest range of rail specifications
  3. Nitride treated hardware
  4. Static or FRZ™ mounting options for both mounts and rings


We offer variance manufacturing for both handgun and rifle receivers, and are excited to partner with you on our off-the-shelf lines or address your custom receiver manufacturing requirements. New for 2020, we are offering to variance our Modulus® pistol receivers, and have launched a new patent pending ambidextrous AR-15 lower receiver with included bolt release.


  1. 7075-T6 aluminum forging
  2. Mil-Spec dimensions
  3. Patent-pending ambidextrous design
  4. Polymer plug for non-ambidextrous use available


We manufacture a wide range of pistol barrels from scratch, featuring either button or cold-hammer forged rifling. ZRODelta is capable of producing most popular calibers and lengths up to 6”, and manufactures from pre-hardened material to ensure exacting specifications and accuracy. Our customers’ demands vary widely, and we can manufacture volume and value-oriented barrels or barrels of high-complexity featuring premium aftermarket coatings.


  1. Materials: 4140, 416R
  2. Rifling: Button or Cold Hammer Forged
  3. Lengths: 2.0-6.0”
  4. Platforms: Multiple
  5. Standard Calibers: 9x19, 40, 357 SIG, 45ACT
  6. Twists: All
  7. Plating: Phosphate, Nitride, Tribological

ZRODelta operates the website unBrandedAR, the internet’s premier source of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) firearms parts. For purchases of COTS firearms parts in quantities of less than 1000 units, please visit For purchases of more than 1000 parts, or for proprietary part manufacturing requests, please download our Confidentiality Agreement, sign, and upload the executed document along with your part geometries for custom quotation. All uploads are confidential and secure.

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