Press Release - ZRODelta Unveils the FKS-9 9mm Pistol at SHOT Show 2024, Available for Pre-Order Now!


ZRODelta Unveils the FKS-9 9mm Pistol at SHOT Show 2024, Available for Pre-Order Now!

[Rutherford College, NC 02/20/24] – ZRODelta, a leading innovator in firearm technology, proudly introduces the FKS-9, showcased for the first time at the SHOT Show 2024. Designed with the latest advancements in mind, the FKS-9 sets a new standard for performance, reliability, and user experience in the firearms industry.

Crafted to meet the demands of discerning shooters, the FKS-9 boasts a range of features that elevate its capabilities to unparalleled levels:

• Slide Options: Choose between Standard, Deluxe, or Premium slides. Deluxe slides feature an optic cut that accommodates the direct mounting of a Trijicon RMR®. Premium slides feature an optic cut and plate system to accommodate a wide range of sight options, ensuring precision and flexibility in any shooting scenario.
• Compatibility: The FKS-9 is Glock® Gen3 compatible, ensuring seamless integration with existing Glock® accessories and components, providing users with familiar functionality and convenience.
• Grip Texture: Equipped with a 360° grip texture, the FKS-9 offers enhanced control and recoil management, empowering shooters to maintain accuracy and stability during every shot.
• Enhanced Beavertail: Engineered for comfort and slide bite prevention, the enhanced beavertail design of the FKS-9 ensures optimal handling and reduces the risk of discomfort during extended shooting sessions.
• Reversible Mag Catch: Featuring a Glock® Gen4 compatible reversible mag catch, the FKS-9 offers enhanced customization options to suit individual preferences and shooting styles.
• Double-Undercut Trigger Guard: The double-undercut trigger guard of the FKS-9 enables a higher grip, promoting improved control and stability for shooters of all skill levels.
• Control Ledge: Designed with a recoil management thumb pad on both left and right sides, the control ledge of the FKS-9 provides shooters with enhanced handling and maneuverability, allowing for greater precision and confidence in every shot.
• 18° Grip Angle: With an optimized 18° grip angle, the FKS-9 delivers superior ergonomics, ensuring a comfortable and natural shooting experience for users of all hand sizes.

“We are excited to introduce the FKS-9 9mm Pistol, embodying our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence,” expressed Chad Wylie, CEO at ZRODelta. “Designed with the staunch support of the 2nd Amendment community in mind, the FKS-9 offers an affordable and dependable means of firearm ownership, honoring individuals’ rights to bear arms. With its advanced features and unwavering performance, the FKS-9 indicates a new era for ZRODelta, empowering shooters to explore the full extent of their capabilities.”
The FKS-9 9mm Pistol starts at $399 and is now available for pre-order, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to be among the first to experience its dependable performance and craftsmanship. Early pre-orders are expected to ship during the latter half of Q2. For more information and to secure your order, visit

About ZRODelta:
ZRODelta’s name originates from its inaugural quick-detach scope mount, delivering a genuine return-to-zero mounting solution. Expanding beyond mounts, ZRODelta pioneers innovation in designing and manufacturing industry-leading weapons, parts, and accessories.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Maggie Tortoledo

Press Releases - ZRODelta® Announces Partnership with Victrix Armaments and ROME

ZRODelta® Announces Partnership with Victrix Armaments and ROME

April 15th, 2020 

Rutherford College, NC – ZRODelta is excited and proud to announce that it has been selected by Victrix Armaments and ROME, members of Rottigni Officina Meccanica SRL, of Bergamo, Italy, to serve as exclusive distributor of Professional and Sporting products for all commercial applications in the United States.

Victrix Armaments is a prestigious Italian manufacturer of iconic bolt-action rifles, and manufactures elite weapon systems for many of the world’s most highly-decorated Special Operations Forces. After a brief period among the Beretta brands, Rottigni Officina Meccanica repurchased the brand Victrix Armaments, and is excited to begin its own journey in the United States with ZRODelta. And while Victrix rifles are perfectly suited for military and tactical applications, Victrix’s new Professional line of rifles is now available to American consumers. The Professional line consists of the all-new Pugio (caliber 308), Gladio (caliber family 308/260/6.5), Scorpio (caliber family 300 & 338), Tormento (caliber family 375 & 408), and Corvo (caliber 50). Victrix has also bolted onto the Sporting Competition market with the 2020 introduction of the Target & Target Blackbelt (F-TR), Absolute (F-Open), Performance and Challenge (NRL & PRS), and the Crown and Throne (King of 2 Miles). The ROME line of accessories includes optics mounts and rings, bipods, suppressors, chassis, and other must-have rifle accessories.

ZRODelta, primarily known for its OEM parts production service to the firearms industry, also manufactures its own line of Modulus® Modular Pistols, Ready Series™ line of MSRs, and Venator™ precision rifles—the only semi-automatic rifles in the world with a ½ MOA guarantee. It’s the intersection of artistry, attention to detail, and advanced manufacturing in these products that first caught the eye of Victrix founder and chief executive Giuseppe Valtorta. “When I picked up the ZRODelta Venator, it could have been a Victrix product. I knew at that point that the people behind ZRODelta were different, and would be able to deliver and support our products to those in the United States who value the same qualities we value.”

“Our partnership with Victrix will begin a new era for ZRODelta,” said ZRODelta President John Birk. “Just as we build the most accurate semi-automatic platforms in the world, Victrix builds the finest bolt action rifles in the world—period. Giuseppe and I pour our hearts into what we do every day and breathe life into our products for the benefit of our customers and end-users, and we are incredibly excited to bring the new Victrix brand to America for everyone to enjoy.”

The partnership brings streamlined pricing to the United States, designed to make consumer decisions clear when compared to the competition. Additionally, access to Victrix rifles and accessories aren’t the only thing that Americans are going to get to appreciate. In time, the partnership between the companies will develop into Victrix USA and yield the introduction of more exciting products and technologies, jointly developed and manufactured between the companies. Stay tuned for what’s to come.

Please visit for product and ordering details, and dealer opportunities.

View Official Press Release Here:
ZRO_Victrix Announcement 15APR2020

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