At ZRODelta, we design, develop, and manufacture solutions for our clients. Whether that solution is a weapon system with advanced capabilities, an accessory that enables mission accomplishment, or simply delivering quality products in volume and on time, ZRODelta achieves success for its clients by leveraging terrific people, maximizing their potential, and demanding greatness in return.




Steve Wordsworth, PArtner

Steve Wordsworth is a successful entrepreneur and proud supporter of the Second Amendment. A former owner of Meadowbrook Meat and the Carolina Panthers football team, Steve spends much of his time mentoring business leaders and forging new ground in some of the United States’ most pivotal industries.

John Birk, Partner

John Birk is an avid hunter and shooting enthusiast whose manufacturing experience was forged in the foundry and casting industries. The President of J&B Industrial Services INC in Lubbock, Texas, John brings two decades of success and manufacturing experience to the ZRODelta leadership team. The visionary for all things robotic manufacturing to ZRODelta, John breathes processes, procedures, and efficiency. He is a proud graduate of Texas Tech University.

Pat Harrigan, Partner

Pat Harrigan graduated from West Point with a degree in Nuclear Engineering, and is immanently passionate about protecting the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms. A former Detachment Commander in the US Army Special Forces and owner of Critical Capabilities LLC, he brings a unique and relevant operational and business experience set to the team that ultimately defines the tone and focus of ZRODelta.



Ed Garbowski, PARTNER & Chief Information Officer
Rocky Harrigan, Partner & Director of

Rocky is a graduate of Saint Mary’s College at Notre Dame, and is an uncompromising supporter of the Second Amendment. Rocky started her professional career in marketing as spokeswoman for Wendy’s International, graduated from AT&T’s Leadership Development Program, and is a former Miss Ohio. She is in charge of day-to-day operations for, ZRODelta’s platform for bringing OEM parts at lower volumes to more than 1500 dealers nationwide.

Chad Dailey, chief financial officer
John mitteer, chief technical officer
Joel Edwards, Director of Operations and

Joel is an esteemed graduate of the great University of Alabama, but don’t ask him about the Tide, because he doesn’t care.  After many years as a police officer, solving the issues of idiots and attempting to explain to rookies the location of “down range”, he moved on to wander around the Afghan countryside looking for signs of hope.  After briefly finding, then losing all of it, he returned and found the firearms industry.  Many years later you can find him wandering around exhibiting Tourette’s like symptoms and attempting to solve the issues of idiots.

Clint walker, Director of marketing
brian smith, Director of sales