ZRODelta X Victrix Armaments

ZRODelta has been selected by Victrix Armaments and ROME, members of Rottigni Officina Meccanica SRL, of Bergamo, Italy, to serve as exclusive distributor of Professional and Sporting products for all commercial applications in the United States.

Victrix Armaments USA

Victrix Armaments is a prestigious Italian manufacturer of iconic bolt-action rifles, and manufactures elite weapon systems for many of the world’s most highly-decorated Special Operations Forces. After a brief period among the Beretta brands, Rottigni Officina Meccanica repurchased the brand Victrix Armaments, and is excited to begin its own journey in the United States with ZRODelta. And while Victrix rifles are perfectly suited for military and tactical applications, Victrix’s new Professional line of rifles is now available to American consumers. The Professional line consists of the all-new Pugio (caliber 308), Gladio (caliber family 308/260/6.5), Scorpio (caliber family 300 & 338), Tormento (caliber family 375 & 408), and Corvo (caliber 50). Victrix has also bolted onto the Sporting Competition market with the 2020 introduction of the Target & Target Blackbelt (F-TR), Absolute (F-Open), Performance and Challenge (NRL & PRS), and the Crown and Throne (King of 2 Miles). The ROME line of accessories includes optics mounts and rings, bipods, suppressors, chassis, and other must-have rifle accessories.


PROFESSIONAL - Our line designed for professional operators
guarantees you absolute safety and reliability at all times.
Password? No recoil.

SPORTING -Choose from our systems designed for sport shooting.
From F-class to extreme long range: find the ideal companion for your hunger for success.

VICTRIX ACCESSORIES - We design and build every part and component of Victrix Armaments weapon systems inside the doors of our company. Accuracy is a creed, not a trend.

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