12.7x108mm Ammunition


a domestic solution

Are you US SOF or a strategic partner who is tired of long lead times and shoddy quality that plagues foreign ammunition and compromises your operations? If so, we have your solution. Manufactured in the United States from domestic components, ZRODelta makes 12.7x108mm Ball, AP, API, and APIT ammunition that is higher quality, more consistent, and more predictably available than any other 12.7x108mm ammunition in the world. We strive to have 1 million rounds on our floor, ready to ship. 

Unmatched Expertise

A collaboration between the former owners of Silver State Armory, advisors to US and foreign governments, and the former director of Bliss Clearing Niagara, ZRODelta’s ammunition is manufactured by professionals who have manufactured literally billions of rounds of ammunition.

Utilizing unique and fully robotic equipment that eliminates human error, our ammunition is specifically designed to provide flawless function and proper operation in any manufacturer’s DSHK, NSV, KORD, or bolt-action weapon system.

Clean components

ZRODelta is the only manufacturer in the world producing a “clean” 12.7x108 round, due to our unique, 700 grain steel core projectile design. ZRODelta projectiles do NOT contain lead! While being a cleaner manufacturing process for us, our design also ensures that military ranges don’t become contaminated during training. 

Quality assured

With a vast explosion-proof manufacturing room, robust ballistics lab, indoor functions range, 100m indoor ballistics tunnel, and 300m outdoor range, ZRODelta is able to apply NATO production and quality standards to the manufacture of eastern ammunition. Our relentless commitment to quality permeates every portion of our production, from case and projectile to completed assembly, ensuring every Lot Acceptance Test (LAT) goes off without a hitch.