HALO Tourniquet


HALO Tourniquet

The HALO Tourniquet is the next generation of combat tourniquet designed by a collaboration of special operators, orthopedic surgeons, and first responders.  The HALO team combined computer technology and polymer science to create the most intuitive and capable tourniquet on the market today.  


HALO Benefits

  • Intuitive, One-Handed application
  • Locking strap secures lever in place
  • Low profile design provides snag free transport
  • 30% smaller than current designs / easy to store
  • Quick release clip provides fast deployment around entrapped limbs
  • Optional long strap design to over-wrap the secured lever as secondary lock
  • Flexible high strength polymer base conforms anatomically to arms and legs

What Makes the Best Tourniquet?

The best tourniquet is one that can quickly and effectively stop a massive hemorrhage while simultaneously eliminating as much pain, tissue damage and other side effects as possible.  The HALO Tourniquet achieves this through its advanced design that promotes rapid employment. 


How To Apply the HALO

Applying the HALO Tourniquet is a simple 5 step process:

  1. Detach Red Buckle from base, slide the strap high on the injured limb and re-attach Red Buckle to base.
  2. Pull the strap tight by pulling away from the base using the finger pull as necessary, then wrapping the strap back over itself around the limb.
  3. Free locking tab from stored position by pulling outward, then using the palm push lever fully over.
  4. Secure lever in place with locking tab.
  5. Check for pulse and/or control of hemorrhage.