DLOC-MRO 1/3rd co-witness


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DLOC Return to Zero “RTZ” mount for the Trijicon MRO.
Features/Benefits –
• Fits the Trijicon MRO
• Has a lower 1/3 co-witness
• DLOC system utilizes ten (10) engagement points with three (3) recoil lugs allowing our mount to grab more rail than any other mount on the market
• Heavy duty springs allows for solid retention as well as one handed manipulation
• The extreme grip by the DLOC mount allows users to only hand tighten the retention knob or torque to spec
• Designed to allow for quick detachment/attachment
• Tightening knob allows for hand tightening to rail without worry of mount integrity
• If optic needs to be removed, hand tightening knob allows for quick detachment to access back up sighting system or secondary optic
• Anodized anti-reflective coating standard, and Cerakote colors are available

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