DLOC-SS Mounting System Kit for Harris-S style bipod


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The DLOC-SS adds versatility to the Harris-S style bipod, allowing it to pan and cant on the bipod for use on uneven surfaces. Converts your bipod’s static mounting system to a quick disconnect mount, so you can move a single bipod to multiple rifles. Replaces OEM mounting equipment.

Features/Benefits –
• DLOC system utilizes ten (10) engagement points with three (3) recoil lugs allowing our mount to grab more rail than any other mount on the market
• Quick detach with one hand
• Pans and cants allowing for rapid target acquisition without moving the bipod
• Heavy duty springs allow for solid retention as well as one handed manipulation
• Kit fits any standard Harris-S Style Bipod
• Includes all mounting hardware
• Mounts to any standard M1913 Picatinny rail
• Anodized anti-reflective coating standard

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